How different interfaces to data will change our life and perception on collaboration

We are committed to collaboration, thus we see various ways of interacting and engaging with data and information. One of which is VR.

It is becoming an increasingly trend that co-workers are dispersed across significant geographical space, do not share the same office building etc. which makes face-to-face communication more difficult. The net is full of funny videos for how VC’s often are experienced.

However, after at sneak-peak at Singularity U our beliefs in VR/AR technology was affirmed. In our industry we are not long away from goggles linking core competences in a virtual office space despite the geographical proximity, survey construction sites and manufacturing lines with suppliers in VR, have collaborative sessions based on AR and VR.

New tech can often be exposed to resistance just like any other change. However, in making technology more engaging and less distant, it becomes more “friendly” and tactile in use despite the virtual nature. Look at this demo of Facebook where the avatars’ facial motions are translated to create a closer connection to the digital versions of those meeting. 

We believe that we will soon see many different ways of engaging and collaborating around data – BIG DATA. AR and VR for sure will be one interface and by taking the proximity issue out of the equation in collaboration, we can get all brains in the game bringing things to a whole different level.

Last week this was perfectly exemplified by the CEO of a leading Nordic construction company spending no less than 15 min. in our VR Cave in our iTWO 5D LAB in Copenhagen during the concluding parts of a LAB session. He clearly crafted a vision for how he could use this technology in his business to create more closeness in this value chain from supplier to client.

Join us next time in one of our LAB’s, where we are speaking or when you see us on the ground or on site.

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Anne Simone Nielsen
Marketing Assistant

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Mads Bording
Executive Board Member

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Louise Dahlerup
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